A couple standing on a dock. One of them is faded out. The idea is that the person has left, either by death or some other means.

Separation Anxiety in Adults with Depression

Mar 3, 20230 comments253 views5 min read

As someone who has experienced both depression and severe separation anxiety, I know firsthand how challenging these conditions can be to live with. For me, my separation anxiety is rooted in a traumatic event from my childhood. When I was…

An egg cracked open with the word STIGMA written.

Squashing the Stigma of Mental Health in a Woke Culture

Feb 24, 20230 comments219 views6 min read

One would think that in today’s woke society, breaking the stigma would be easy. It is unfortunate that the notion of “wokeness” appears to favor only specific groups or beliefs, rather than promoting equality and inclusivity for all. — Jackie…

Young Boy with Tears

Childhood Bullying and Depression in Adults

Feb 16, 20230 comments281 views5 min read

It was as if the bullies had planted a seed of self-doubt that grew over time, choking out any sense of self-worth or confidence. Jackie Barker Childhood bullying can have a profound impact on a person’s mental health, especially for…

This is the iPad app I use for my digital art therapy.

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