About Me

In the summer of 2019, after battling depression in secrecy for many years, I experienced my absolute lowest point. Alone in my home office, I cried uncontrollably as I fought back the demons who had been attacking my soul for all these years.

As I sat in that chair, contemplating and devising ways of ending my suffering the thought of my wife came to my mind. Sobbing and barely able to see through my water-filled eyes, I wondered if taking my own life would cause her pain. Realizing this and knowing what she had endured over our many years, I knew in my heart that the pain on her would be unbearable if I were to choose death over life.

Though I still suffer from this mental anguish, I have found ways to cope. One of those is writing a weekly blog where I attempt to share uplifting and positive messages to those who may be suffering in silence. I want my readers to know that they are not alone in their battle.

Another way of coping is my art. I found that drawing helps me to focus better which is a very important first step to better mental health. The designs and drawings seen on my blog were all done by me. If you would like to purchase any of my designs, please check out my online stores. A portion of my sales is donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. My prayer is that these pieces of art will bring you joy.

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Thank you for following along in my marathon to better mental health.

God Bless,
Art by OBXJack