Difficult and Challenging Week — Taking a Break

Bad Things Come in Threes

As the saying goes, bad things come in threes. Well, this has been a difficult and challenging week. We are in the loft of our house, hiding and waiting for the third thing to break.

First Broken “Thing”

My poor mental health has been challenging this week. Where do I begin? We returned home from church last Sunday to a warm living room. The thermostat was showing 77° in the living room with the unit set on 72. Immediately we knew there was some issue with our HVAC system.

After my Sunday afternoon nap, the temperature in the living room remained the same. And with the outdoor temperature in the low 80s, it was bearable.

With Monday being a holiday, I gave a call to our HVAC guy fully knowing I would have to leave a voice mail. The temperature in the living room stayed around 78° throughout the day and remained somewhat bearable. On Tuesday, my work week began and I quickly realized I would not be able to work from the first floor. Undocking my work laptop, I made my way upstairs where our second HVAC unit was still working.

Our HVAC guy stopped by on Tuesday afternoon and the prognosis was not optimal. Our first-floor air handler has a leaky coil and the unit is out of warranty. I thought to myself, “Welcome to homeownership”. The part needs to be ordered and no timeline was given.

Second Broken “Thing”

On Wednesday we found that our freezer is not working as it should, and it is full. We buy in bulk before the summer begins because the prices increase as the tourist season begins.

With the recent supply chain problems waiting on the new coil, and dealing with the change in my work location, my stress and anxiety have been more prevalent and even more challenging to hide.

We have ordered a new freezer which will hopefully be delivered on Monday.

But God

For the past few weeks, I have been blogging a series titled 5 Bible Passages for Times of Crisis. How apropos that as I was supposed to wrap up this series with today’s blog we have been hit with these challenges this week. Given my week, I will finish up my series next week.

In closing, I wanted to call out a blog post from a few months back. I wrote about these two words (But God). If you have not yet read the blog, I urge you to take a look. God is faithful to His children. So if you have placed your faith in Christ, know that God is with you and He will never let you go.


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