Using Creativity and Self-Expression for Better Mental Health

Last week, I shared about my lifelong battle with depression and separation anxiety, and how I have found ways to manage these conditions through building a strong support system. While having a support network of friends, family, and community members has been essential to my healing process, I’ve also discovered another powerful tool for managing my mental health: digital art and writing.

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For me, my writing and digital art have been key components to unlocking a sense of inner peace — a journey of self-discovery that I never knew was possible. By expressing myself through creative outlets, I have been able to process my emotions and gain insights into my own thought patterns and behaviors. These creative activities have not only been therapeutic, but they have also provided me with a sense of purpose and meaning in my life.

So in this week’s post, I hope to convey the role that creativity and self-expression have had in my journey to better mental health. Whether you’re someone who is dealing with depression and anxiety or just someone who wants to explore their own creative potential, I hope this post will inspire you to see the power of creativity in a new light.

Creativity and Self-Expression

The connection between creativity and self-expression and mental health is significant. For individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, expressing themselves creatively can offer relief. Allowing our creativity to come out helps us externalize our emotions and thoughts. This can also allow us to gain perspective on our feelings. But more importantly, gain insights into our own thought patterns and behaviors.

From my own personal experience, I can attest to the mental health benefits of engaging in creative activities. Writing has been beneficial for me in processing my emotions and gaining insight into my own experiences. Through this blog, I have expressed my deepest fears and insecurities in a way that feels safe. Creating something out of my own experiences has given me a sense of control over my story. This has led to an increased self-awareness and a greater sense of purpose.

Digital Art drawing of Max, Goofy's son.
Sad Max

Similarly, engaging in digital art has allowed me to express my emotions in ways that words sometimes cannot. I’ve found that creating art can be a therapeutic way of externalizing and working through difficult emotions, leading to decreased stress levels and improved mood.

The Benefits of Creative Outlets for Mental Health

Engaging in creative activities has numerous mental health benefits, particularly for those struggling with depression and anxiety. Below are some ways in which creative outlets can provide relief and foster self-discovery for individuals facing these challenges.

  1. Increased self-awareness: Creative expression can help us explore and process complex feelings, leading to increased self-awareness and insight into our own experiences.
  2. Decreased stress levels: Engaging in creative activities reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation. When focused on creative pursuits, we are less likely to dwell on negative thoughts or worry about the future, allowing us to be more present.
  3. Improved mood: Creative activities can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, leading to improved mood and feelings of positivity. This can be especially important for individuals facing depression or anxiety, who may struggle to find joy in everyday activities.
  4. Sense of control: When dealing with mental health challenges, it can be easy to feel out of control. Engaging in creative activities provides a sense of ownership and control over our own experiences, allowing us to take charge of our emotional and mental well-being.

Overall, creative outlets can provide significant mental health benefits for individuals struggling with depression and anxiety. Whether it’s writing, art, music, or any other form of creative expression, engaging in these activities can offer a sense of relief and foster self-discovery.


Creative expression can offer a sense of relief, allowing individuals to externalize and work through complex emotions. Engaging in creative activities can also lead to increased self-awareness, decreased stress levels, and improved mood, among other mental health benefits.

In my own experience, engaging in creative activities has been a powerful tool for managing my own mental health challenges. Writing and digital art, in particular, have provided a sense of purpose and a way to make sense of the world around me. By exploring my own creative potential, I’ve gained insights into my own experiences and found new ways of coping with difficult emotions.

And remember, it is okay to not be okay.


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If you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or by dialing 988. You may also text HOME to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911, or seek care from a local hospital or mental health provider.

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