Speaking Up About Depression Can Save A Life

Break the Silence

Did you know that speaking up about depression can save a life? Battling in silence is one of the many reasons why those suffering from depression choose to end their pain with suicide.

Remaining silent was no longer an option

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From the outside, I likely appeared normal to others. However, buried deep in my psyche, I was a very distraught man. Broken by events from my childhood, I had never spoken up in public about my true feelings. Keeping the secret to only a very small number of close and personal relations, I had always feared no one would care about some hidden disorder. You see, and unlike other diseases, the symptoms of mental health disorders are not always visible. And as I have written about numerous times, hiding behind a fake smile has become my superpower.

But being an introvert made coming out about my depression even more challenging. My deep-seated fear was that explaining these feelings of emptiness and helplessness would be impossible. Thankfully I realized a couple of years ago that I could no longer remain silent. Coming out about my depression and identifying the triggers which exacerbate the symptoms, finally allowed me to fully understand my condition.

Where to Get Help

Everyone’s experience with mental health issues will differ which means that each person’s coping and path to recovery will also be different. I have learned that regardless of the “who” or the “where”, the benefits of speaking about my mental health issues simply cannot be quantified. So whether you speak to a licensed counselor, a psychologist, or someone close to you like a friend or family member, the important thing to remember is this. Share your feelings! Keeping them bottled up could lead to serious and irreversible consequences. And here is something else — you may find that by sharing openly, others could benefit from your story.

How to Get Started

My initial coping mechanism was digital art. I quickly found that people, which still is a mystery to me, liked my art and designs. So much so that I started an online store where the proceeds are donated to Suicide Prevention charities.

About a year later, I began writing this blog, which initially was just for me — as an additional coping mechanism. Telling my story to others has helped me immensely. And I had so much to say that I just started writing, and writing (à la Forest Gump’s running). Since August 2021, I have written over 300,000 words. WOW, that is enough to fill up two or three novels!

So now on a weekly basis, I write about my thoughts. I write about the various paths which have helped me to cope with this debilitating disease. And recently I have learned that others are benefiting from my ramblings the likes of with have also helped me to cope. My blog is in essence a private journal or diary that I share openly with the world. And if you go back through my archives, you will find that I am an open book and do not I hold anything back.

Wrapping Up

I have made a promise to myself that I will write my thoughts and my feelings each and every week or until the Lord returns for His church. If you wish to come along on this journey, please subscribe to my newsletter which comes out every Saturday with a link to my latest ramblings.

Please also remember that each and every one of us was created uniquely in God’s image. So if you are suffering in silence, your path to better mental health may not be the same as mine. There is however only one path to an assurance of eternal life. If you have any questions about Jesus, please reach out. You can comment below or if you wish to remain private, send me an email.

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