Simple Life-Changing Ways to Battle the Bad Days

Ok! I know this one will hit home to nearly everyone. Mental Health issues aside, we all have bad days, right? Today I hope to share some simple yet potentially life-changing ways that you may find helpful. And as I continue to look for ways to cope, I also continue to hope what I am sharing is helping you in some way. I appreciate the ones who are following me and I know many of you are praying for me.

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So now let’s dig in.

Do Not Listen to Your ‘Depression Voice’

Last week I wrote about the struggle I had as a child. Because of the self-stigma, I had placed on myself, I delayed seeking the help I needed. A delay that was nearly too long. So when things look gloomy, do not listen to that inner voice. Recognizing the inner voice, however, is the hard part.

Seek Out the Good

Cliche as this may sound, there is truth here. I use to always take things so literally. I still struggle with this however my outlook has indeed changed since coming out about my depression. When things get you down, look for the good. I think Proverbs 11:27 says it best.

The one who searches for what is good finds favor, but if someone looks for trouble, it will come to him.
- Proverbs 11:27

Music – And Play it Loud!!

There have been several research studies done on music therapy that have shown great results in people with depression. One of my avenues to escape from my thoughts was to listen to music. Having been born in the early 70s, my favorite music comes from the 80s. And what a great decade the 1980s were for music. We had the death of disco and the birth of the big hair power ballads. Maybe someday I will write a blog post dedicated solely to my love for 1980s music. Getting back to music and its benefits for mental health, Healthy People had this to say:

Music therapy seems to reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety, and helps to improve functioning (e.g., maintaining involvement in jobs, activities, and relationships).

Do Something Enjoyable

When something or someone gets you down, find an outlet that is enjoyable to take its place. This one may be challenging to do in certain situations however if you are able to, seek out ways to turn the negativity into positive. I use digital art as my coping mechanism choice. Perhaps yours may be going for a walk, cooking supper for a friend, or baking cookies. Whatever you chose, do it with gusto.

Retail Therapy

Who does not like shopping? A little online shopping for that special something you have had your eye on is sure to boost your spirit. Special care however should be taken to ensure this does not become a habit. We are looking for coping mechanisms so we do not wish to add something else to worry about later on when the credit card bill arrives.


If you made it this far, please consider commenting below, subscribing, and also sharing on your social media sites. Most importantly, I ask for your prayers. I write this weekly blog as an outlet in my fight against depression. However, my hope is that something I write here may help others who may be struggling. If you would like to help with my battle against depression, check out my online Etsy store and affiliate links. Most proceeds are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or by dialing 988. You may also text HOME to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911, or seek care from a local hospital or mental health provider.

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