A Weak Attempt Battling Depression with a Winter Scene

A wintry scene showing a rustic cabin beside a frozen lake with mountains in the distance. Christmas lights adorn the rustic cabin.
Frozen Christmas Lake Cabin

Come with me today as I write about my continuing efforts to get my art into the hands of others. Today’s digital art was a weak attempt battling depression with a winter scene. I am really happy with how the mountains turned out however I am not happy with the dock

A Rough Week

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This past week was horrible as I battled with my depression nearly every day. This happens each year as we get closer to the holiday season. Now I usually feel somewhat down throughout the year but this week was bad. Things started off great with a post on Reddit Sunday afternoon. By the end of the day, I had amassed a total of 857 upvotes, which is similar to Facebook’s Like button. The comments I received were overwhelming and very supportive of the three pieces of art I shared. I was literally on cloud 9.

Getting back to this week, I did struggle a considerable amount with my focus at work. Many things “fell off my plate” at work as well. I think the high that I felt on Sunday simply set me up for another reality gut punch. I am depressed for a good part of my life to which I have sadly becoming accustomed too. What is normal?

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