Winter Scene Digital Art is Good Depression Therapy

Snow Covered Wooden Bridge
Winter Covered Bridge
Snowy Lakeside Cabin
Moonlit Frozen Mountain Lake
Mountain Christmas Cabin

I love the Outer Banks. We vacationed here for many years starting back in 1980 when my parents started to bring our family of five to the beach for a yearly vacation. After 19 straight years, and the passing of my father, we took a brief hiatus before returning again a few short years later. My love for the Outer Banks in no way takes away from my heritage. Born and raised in the Mountain State of West Virginia, I realize now having lived in North Carolina for 20 years that I had been taking for granted the beauty of those mountains for granted. Drawing Winter Scenes is Good Depression Therapy

When I started drawing in 2020 to cope with my depression, I initially drew just beach scenes and Disney characters. Recently I have re-found my love for the mountains and snow. The drawing of Winter Scenes takes me back to my roots.

I Love Drawing Winter Scenes

As my family and friends know, I prefer the colder temperatures. My love for winter can sometimes appear to conflict with my love for the beach life. Let me explain. Here on the Outer Banks, the weather is temperate where we typically have all four seasons in three month or so groupings. With this being said, I only have to endure the heat for 3 to 4 months. Additionally, the winters on the Outer Banks can be brutal with cold temperatures and very high winds. As any local and they will tell you that you are not truly a local until you have lived at least X number of winters on the beach. The Nor’easters can be much worse than our summer hurricanes and without Jim Cantore making a visit either.

Support me today in battling depression by buying a print from my online store. A very large portion of the proceeds from the sale of my artwork goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention charity organization.

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