Time-lapse Doodles in Procreate

My depression can sometimes be so tough that I zone out. This results in a loss of focus on even the most simplest of tasks. I have found however that if I grab my iPad and Apple Pencil and just start drawing, my focus returns, and my productivity improves. This works even in my “day job” while attending a meeting. As a result, my focus is better, my depression subsides for a short while, and I end up with some reusable elements for future drawings. It is a win – win. The video below is a time-lapse showing one of my doodle sessions. The music I added to the background of the Time-lapse Doodles video is relaxing.

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Today I am launching my YouTube channel, Art by OBXJack. I have a goal of 1000 subscribers so if you wouldn’t mind, please click the Subscribe button after watching my video and then click the Bell to get notifications when I share new videos. Thank you for watching my Time-lapse Doodles video! I hope you enjoyed.

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