Flawed “Scientific” Data Led to Inaccurate Finding

Feb 28, 20220 comments331 views7 min read

As you may know, I use Digital Art as a coping mechanism. By its very nature, I possibly spend more time looking at my iPad than the average adult. Though…


Advice: Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid the Mob Mentality

Feb 24, 20220 comments485 views5 min read

Avoid Joining in with the Mob Peer pressure is real and there is nothing worse than a room full of teenagers with one or more bullies leading the way. I…


6 Ways to Better Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Feb 8, 20220 comments398 views5 min read

Experts say that everyone will experience anxiety at some point in their life – this is normal human behavior. Now with the two-year anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic approaching,…


Finding A Way to Overcome A Fear of Rejection

Feb 4, 20221 comments366 views5 min read

Feeling Left Out? Steeming from the traumatic event during my childhood, I have struggled with various different aspects of poor mental health nearly my entire life. With depression and anxiety…


The Greatest Story Ever Told – Did Mary Know?

Jan 28, 20221 comments445 views4 min read

Continuing on my series titled “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, here is part two where we will dig in to find out, “Did Mary know?”. If you have not yet…