Moon Lite Hammocks

Jun 29, 20210 comments606 views1 min read

A secluded island in the middle of the Caribbean sea. A cloudless night beckons the moon as she slowly melts into the sea. The waters surrounding this small island glow with glimmers of light. A shadow of the island is…


Hawaiian Sunset Cruise

Jun 24, 20210 comments575 views1 min read

My bride and I love the tropics and have take several carribean cruises. However probably our favorite cruise was a seven night which circled the Hawaiian Island’s of O’hau, the Big Island, Maui, and Kaua’i. Inspired by this cruise on…


Moonlit Beach Stroll

Jun 21, 20210 comments582 views1 min read

Close your eyes and imagine walking over a boarded walkway over the sandy dune. The sea grass protecting the fragile dune can be heard rustling in the cool breeze. Crossing over the dune, you are treated to the moon slowly…

This is the iPad app I use for my digital art therapy.

Procreate LEGO Brand Retail