Disney World is my Happy Place

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Today’s musing will hopefully bring a smile to your face. In this post I will share 9 simple steps to draw Mickey Mouse. As I have written about in the past, and as someone who battles separation anxiety and depression, my life’s goal has always been to make the people around me happy.

Today I wanted to step away from my usual topics and share instead something that is hopefully fun and enjoyable for my followers.

I suspect it should come as no surprise to anyone who even remotely knows me that Disney World is my happy place. For today’s digital art therapy, I give you my first character drawings, Mickey Mouse. Yes, the mouse that started it all for Walt Disney, who is surprisingly easy to draw on Apple’s iPad with the Procreate app.

Drawing Mickey Mouse

Take a look at this timelapse video from my YouTube channel showing each digital brush stroke as I muddle my way through drawing this iconic character.

Time-lapse Drawing of Mickey Mouse – By OBXJack

Drawing Mickey Mouse is simply one large circle, two flattened circles for his ears and several ovals.

Nine Steps to Draw Mickey


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