Three Easy Ways to Avoid Spiraling into a pit of Misery During Thanksgiving

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We have all been there when that one uncle showed up drunk to the extended family Thanksgiving Supper. Or that time when an extended family member arrived with a significant other, whom no one was aware even existed. And I am sure every family has that one guy. You know, that guy who believes his sole purpose in life is to cause strife; and he does not care whom he brings down in the process.

3. Avoid Politics

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This may seem obvious to some however the avoidance of political issues will greatly reduce your chances of falling into a pit of despair. Our country is so divided already however the Thanksgiving Supper table is not the place to discuss politics. Regardless of whether you know everyone in the family is on the same side as you, never discuss politics. Instead, why not indulge in some family rivalry with an NFL game. This year we will again have three games to watch on Thanksgiving.

Bears at Lions – 12:30pm ET on Fox
Raiders at Cowboys – 4:30pm ET on Fox
Bills at Saints – 8:20pm ET on NBC

And if the NFL is not your bailiwick, or if the recent politicization of sports, in general, may cause strife, then perhaps a Christmas movie is a better option for your extended family.

2. Behave Yourself

Another obvious way to avoid conflict, this one could be the most difficult. Inevitably, there will be someone to say or do something which is offensive. To them, they may not even realize that the words or the action caused any harm. Perhaps they did realize and if this is the case, then then you have other problems in which you need to handle. However, with today’s culture of the “I am right and you are wrong” mindset, it is likely the person may be oblivious. Your job is to guard your own self. Remember that people can read the room and facial expressions carry much weight when someone makes a comment. Even a simple smile can be seen as acceptance. It is better to just ignore and say, “Please pass the gravy”.

1. Prayer of Thanksgiving

Likely the most overlooked, prayer should always be first and foremost in the life of a Christ Follower. This may sound cliché but please hear me out. Your own personal relationship with Jesus is essential and the way to achieve a consistently growing relationship with Him is by a good prayer life.

A simple prayer of Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father, we come to you today with open hearts and minds. We give You thanks today and always for all You have done; especially for the gift of Jesus so that we may have hope. We give thanks today for our health, friends, and our family as we gather around this table of Thanksgiving. Bless the hands which have prepared the food for us to enjoy today. Thank you for the many blessings You have bestowed on us this year. And thank You for Your daily provision, grace, and mercy - none of which we deserve.

We also lift up to You, Father, the leaders of our country, whom You have placed in authority over us. We pray for their safety and ask that You impart Your wisdom in them as they lead our great nation.

We close this prayer of praise and admiration with a promise to follow You all of our days. In Jesus' name, Amen.


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