Hallelujah! Summer is Done and Fall is Here

Happy Fall Y'all
Happy Fall Y’all

It is no secret that I completely and totally despise the Summer heat. I do not manage well in the heat as I tend to lose my cherub-like demeanor. However, the time we do spend on Saturday mornings for our Beach Therapy is very therapeutic to my mind. So why do I say, “Hallelujah! Summer is Done and Fall is Here”?

With the onset of autumn in the northern hemisphere, we can usually count on cooler temperatures. More importantly, the fall season reminds me of watching WVU football with dad and the beautiful fall foliage in my home state of West Virginia.

West Virginia Fall Foliage

If you have never witnessed in person the beautiful fall foliage, West Virginia is the place to be. Starting in late September, ending in late October, the Mountain State is lit up with orange, red, and yellow-colored leaves. If you would like to experience the beautiful colors, check out WV Tourism’s website. Their site contains information about the best places and times of year to see what some have simply described as “fire on the mountains”.

Whether you call the season Fall or Autumn, this time of year is synonymous with the harvest. In yesteryear, the harvest meant that the work one had put in during those hot spring and summer months finally paid off. Reminded of the garden my grandparents had at their house, this time of year brings back fond memories. Every year, when the plants we had cultivated in the spring had matured, we would get together as a family to pick or harvest, the produce.

The Good Feelings Side Affect

These good feelings though are unfortunately short-lived. The memories are great however they also remind me of those I have lost. Around this time each year, my depression and anxiety will worsen to the point of being almost debilitating. Though I outwardly present love for the Fall season, I am most likely depressed. I need your prayer during this time more than ever.

Continuing to Cope

I am still drawing on my iPad and the image in this week’s post was one I completed recently to commemorate the start of Fall. So Happy Fall, Y’all but please remember, it is not a happy time for everyone.

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