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100 Reasons Why I Have an Apparent Lack of Enthusiasm

OK, so maybe not exactly one hundred reasons. However, I hope my title got the attention of Google because this one may be my most emerging blog post to date.…

ByByobxjackNov 18, 2022133 min read

Talking About Depression Over a Cup of Coffee

Hi. My name is Jackie and I suffer from mental health issues, specifically, major depressive disorder (MDD). I had been able to hide my true feelings for many years. Though…

ByByobxjackNov 10, 2022794 min read

Putting an End to the Stigma of Mental Health

As painful as this may read, and as I look back on my life, there have been times when I cried for help but there was no response. The Pain…

ByByobxjackNov 4, 20221314 min read

4 Ways to Avoid Setbacks this Holiday Season

Have you ever said to yourself, “I really cannot take another holiday with my significant other’s fill-in-the-blank”? Well, I can honestly say I have never had that thought; I have…

ByByobxjackOct 28, 20221255 min read
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